Big Project Announcement

Since starting The Resistance Garden I’ve had it in my head that I wanted to write a guide aimed at helping people figure out how to grow enough food for their families and communities even if climate chaos related disasters (or any other disasters) make it hard or impossible to get gardening supplies shipped in. Or just if you’re too poor to afford all those things. A lot of easy, accessible methods that people could hopefully use some or all of to build any degree of food independence.

So I started writing, and a pandemic happened, and occasionally I’d get back to writing. And then I’d write some more, and some more. And I keep coming up against two things: first, writing is more or less linear but the relationships of complex food cultivation systems are not. The topics all overlap and feed back into one another, which is awesome but very hard to organize. As such, writing about it often feels like frenetically trying to describe a convoluted conspiracy theory a la Charlie’s Conspiracy Wall (shown).

The other thing I keep realizing is that I keep writing so much that this thing is probably going to be a book. Maybe a short one, because I want to keep it relatively concise, but a book nonetheless. I’m still going to post sections as separate blog posts, but in the end I think they’ll all be edited together into a book.

I’d like to make it free or inexpensive to get it into the hands of anyone who wants it, so if you can spare some cash to support the writing and the building of food forests to feed people, please consider pitching in:

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