What is a Resistance Garden?

During the World Wars here in occupied North America, the government encouraged everyday citizens to grow large Victory Gardens to offset/facilitate rationing of food and other goods to funnel towards the war efforts.

As leftists building a liberation movement while navigating a future sure to be made tumultuous by climate chaos, loss of biodiversity, and degradation of soil in arable regions, growing and maintaining a food producing infrastructure will certainly include forms of horticulture. Our goals are not to maintain a capitalist nation state, however, but rather to empower communities towards autonomy, food sovereignty, and justice.

Resistance gardens therefore will have to take into account sustainability and justice as much as they will have to work out logistics, botany, and culture. As such, The Resistance Garden will be a resource for growing the role of horticulture, permaculture, wildcrafting, raising livestock, and other aspects of homesteading to support our movements for justice, as well as subjects like mutual aid, community defense, and emergency preparedness.

If you like what I’m doing here and want to make sure I can keep doing it, please consider supporting these projects financially. It sucks, but until capitalism isn’t a thing there are bills to pay.

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