Mushrooms are not spontaneous, and neither are revolutionary movements

The thing is, you can grow plants with MiracleGro. You can get a crop, look at your lush growth and think “I’m growing this life. Based on what I’m seeing here I have every reason to believe this garden is alive” But you’ll also be weakening soil microbes, especially fungal hyphae. MiracleGro gets it’s green hue from copper sulfate, a fungicide. And without microbes and soil animals and lots of organic material, your soil won’t support much plant life as soon as you take away the synthetic inputs, and you certainly won’t get mushrooms. Excessively strong nitrogen fertilizers likewise have antimicrobial effects.

Bourgeois capitalist electoralism is MiracleGro. It can seem like you’re helping the garden by using the MiracleGro because you don’t know what healthy soil and healthy ecosystems look like. Meanwhile you’re undermining the entire system’s ability to maintain itself. So you can think you’re working towards the same goal as someone utilizing regenerative practices, but you’re working in the opposite direction.

Organizing to build dual power, on principles of mutual aid, direct democracy, decolonization, and the like, this is like growing regeneratively with integrated, perennial centered farm ecosystems. It’s like promoting a robust decay cycle to cycle biomass and fertility through the system. And trust me, that’s a great way to get mushrooms.

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